Pregnant and my dildo

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Todays video is from when i was eight months pregnant playing with my dildo as so often because I indeed WAS very horny lol…ok I’m still horny now I’ve gone back to my not preggo body, but not as horny as the last 2-3 months of my pregnancies lol

I was alone in my office with a fan on skype who was masturbating for me, wearing a long blue summer pregnant dress. That horny guy started to masturbate when he asked me to undress slowly to show him my big pregnant body. He really enjoyed guiding me I think.
When I was naked I turned around showed him my booty and big belly, the breasts with some drops of yellow milk comming out when I pressed the nipples. He old me he would give everything to taste , and that my husband was So lucky to be able to touch and lick 🙂
We continued to chat a little, he mostly wrote to me and I read while I let im guide me how to masturbate my clit….I was very wet and horny, I just wanted to cum and watch him jerk of for me on the cam. I took my green favourite dildo I often play with and penetrated my pussy to fuck me (now I was alone and my husband working)

Sure I recorded my afternoon with him thinking of you guys out there who love to watch me pregnant and jerk of, so here we go for 30 min of video to enjoy 🙂

Hummm I love these moments with my horny fans on skype………..later on I made a lot of milk play on cam also, a big hit for the lactation fans 🙂
And here is the free preview for you pregnant fans I know you are going to love the full 30 minuts dildo play with me 🙂


pregnant flashing in my car with my girlfriend

pregnant flashing in my car

Hello preggofans

A new little video for you today, just having some fun flashing in the car with my big pregnant belly and my girlfriend and the future dad touching kissing and caressing me while we drive home

Enjoy the trailer here and tehe full version in the membersection

outdoor flashing


XXX Anna

pregnant flashing in my car

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Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf in yellow lingerie

Today I added a new video for my pregnant fans : Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf

A very hot summer day after my shower I put a nice yellow lingerie that my husband gave me as a present a few days ago for my ninth month pregnancy. I was about to give birth and surprisingly I was more horny than ever.
dildo fucking with a pregnant milf
I was in my room, sexy and hot thinking if  maybe my next door neighbour would be at home so he could watch me from his window behind the curtains, as he always does, knowing he loves jerking of thinking about me masturbating with my dildo or whatever…..

Just to think about it, made me so horny that I decided to play a little bit with myself therefore I got naked in front of my camera to record all for you so you can enjoy as much as I do from home, I took my dildo and started to play with it I did some titfucking that is very funny above all when you are pregnant that your boobs become bigger and bigger full of breast milk and later when I used my suction cup dildo I sucked, licked and fucked, uhmmm dildo fucking
big pregnant belly
I was sitting on my chair with my big belly and started to put it inside back and forth my dildo ummm …what a pleasure!! even I squirted a little bit of breast milk called calostrum  and a lot  from my pussy …I was so wet that I only could think about cum, cum and cum

What about you watching me? did you enjoy jerking of while I was masturbating? …yes I know you are as naughty as I am…lol

So would you like to enjoy all my personal pregnant and lactation videos



Anna a dildo fucking pregnant MILF for you


pregnant shower

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pregnant shower

Here is a new pregnant shower HQ video for you today, I’m 8 months pregnant in my shower. Watch my completly naked body with my round bellyis this great pregnent shower video. The shower head is changing colors and it looks great on my breasts and pussy while I caress my body with the hot water and play with my dildo in my always horny pussy.

The video is around 10 minuts….the time most people uses to take a shower I guess, …because everybody masturbate in their shower every morning right ?…at least pregnant girls do…it’s a MUST, I couldn’t go to work without having my morning orgasm, and I felt sooo well and relaxed… for a few hours at least. Then I had to go to the girlsroom at the office with a little toy I always had in my purse lol…yes that’s what all pregnant girl do 🙂

and here is the free pregnant shower video you are waiting for, before you connect to the memberarea to jerk of to my sexy pregnant body



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Kisses Anna

pregnant shower

preggo porn with Anna

Again some great preggo porn on my site for the preggo fans 🙂

This time I’m being fucked by my partners big and hard cock in my wet and horny preggo pussy, he loves to record in POV to show you how excactly it is to fuck me while I’m pregnant.
When  I’m sitting in cowgirl on him and  he watches my big and round belly he gets even harder and hornier, and he likes to record me to keep the memori of this moment of pregnancy forever, and also to share it with you and recieve your comments on how much you like his wife and wish to fuck me.
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Sex nap for lesbian girls

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Todays 25 minuts HD video is with my lesbian friend Nataly 🙂
Once in a while I hear from two married women who are having an affair with each other and aren’t sure what to do. They aren’t defining themselves as lesbians but have discovered they’d rather be with each other than with their husbands. This is not my case I love being with my husband and I still keep this special attraction…. but I also enjoy a lot having sex with my girl friends, everybody says that affairs between a lesbian and a married women happen because there is something wrong with the wife’s marriage however I don´t agree….at all.
During my pregnant summer, we invited home to spend some holiday my lesbian friend Nataly. We were about the same age.. I loved her stunning features; long red hair, porcelain white skin, tall, full figured body, blue luminous eyes, and lips the color of a soft rose.
Nataly was genuinely friendly, humorous, and to my surprise not afraid to talk about sex and make sex too.
We were at home having lunch, after that we decided to have a little nap because when I am pregnant I was very sleepy so we put a little and sexy nightgown but….. we realize that we were very hot and sexy so we thought to have a bit of fun instead.
Seducing Nataly completely, It was so cute and so hot I smiled and kissed her I ate and licked her pussy and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with no hesitation, not the slightest, It was hot, warm, demanding and …she bit my nipples and licked my pussy she introduced two fingers inside me and I was started to get an orgasm I was so horny and she felt my pregnancy so sexy and desirable we got fully naked we sat on the floor facing each other, legs entwined, kissing again both then got onto their sides, lined our pussies up on each others and started grinding and bucking and I swear …you could hear the wet smacking sounds from where we were sitting, I was the wettest I had ever felt myself eventualy  we reached our orgasms softly even I dropped some breastmilk…and we relaxed we took a great nap at least. Lol
Kisses Anna.

Click here to watch the full 25 min version pregnant lesbian play video

breastmilk threesome

breastmilk threesome

Today a new video the breast milk fans are going to enjoy, do you like to see my breasts squirt hot sweet milk over a cock and then lick it off ?
I’m sure you would like to be in this members shoes, when I invited him for a threesome after he wrote to me tht he just loves my videos and he would LOVE to taste my milk directly from the source, hot, fresh and sweet milk.
He was indeed very hard when I started spraying milk on his dick, and even harder when I licked it off again 🙂

And here is the free video, before you hit into the membersection watch the full version

Kisses Anna- breastmilk threesome lover 🙂

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lactating sex with pregnant girl

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lactating sex with pregnant girl

Hello to all my lactating sex fans, I have uploaded a new video lactating sex with pregnant girl for you today in the membersection, here is a preview of this nice video with my pregnant girlfriend. She is 5 months pregnant on this video, but you can see itbetter on some of the others videos with her.
She starts the lactating sex with pregnant girl with licking and sucking my sweet breastmilk directly from the source. Then she lays down on the garden table and  I squeeze my tits and squirt milk all over her nice body, her pussy, her breasts and belly.  I finish the video by licking her breasts and taste my milk hummmm.
I know you will love ths pregnant / lactating sex video
And for the pregnant porn fans I’m preparing a 35 minuts french maid HD video from when I was 8 months pregnant and made a preggo webcam show in he kitchen for a fan. It will be up tomorrow sunday, to enjoy your day off with me 🙂
I have a lot lot lot of videos both pregnant and lactating for you, trying to work all I can to give you something new all the time


Anna – lactating sex with pregnant girl