upsite down anal fucking and breastsquirting

upsite down anal fucking and breastsquirting

Hello, have a nice sunday everyone :)
My new great video I promised you last week during easter is uploaded, its a little special upsite down anal fucking and breastsquirting whereyou will see my partner suck my milky breasts and I squirt milk from my nipples into his mouth so its running down his body.
Then he anal fucks me upsite down while I continue to spray milk from my tits all over my pussy and into my mouth…Lactating fans I just KNOW that you are going to LOVE this video and you are going to dream about being in his place.
Here is a free trailer from the video….
Or watch the long video I gave you for free for easter right HERE



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Anna – upsite down anal fucking and breastsquirting

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Squirting breastmilk on my plants

There has been a lot of chatter about the magical benefits of milk in the garden. Milk will act like a fertilizer. As stated above any organic matter added to the garden will be decomposed by microbes into plant nutrients–they are all fertilizers. So what about breastmilk?


I don´t really know however I’m suppose to be good too. Every morning, on my lactating period I woke up and feeded my baby after that, I still had a lot of milk, so I went downstairs to my garden and started to squirt of the rest of my breastmilk on the plants. I did as well on porpose because I know I have a voyeur next door neighbour who spies me all the time

Months ago, I did the same rutine knowing that my neighbour was on holiday and his wife wasn´t at home. This day, I noticed a webcam pointing out his  straight at my house. It’s possible that he is  just storing it there, it makes me nervous to know they could be recording my house. I love him watching me but not recording all my movements……

I can only think of two reasons why he´d want to  watch everything I do. That side of the house has the driveway, so they could be trying to record when I leave. The neighbors have reported that he’ll often look at my house when he´s outside. Thankfully these neighbors are retired and keep an eye out, so if  something happened to my house while I was away they’d know pretty fast.

Dripping and squrting breastmilk below my pergola


The other reason could be,fact that I squirt breastmilk on my plants simply makes him very horny.

He always keeps those blinds closed but I know he is on the other side spying me. I think it might be a curious guy trying to jerk off while I am watering my plants.

Lactation at my hotel room

As you know, I get so horny when I have a voyeur watching me so this day I got so hot when I could see him behind the blinds moving his dick up and down so I lied down on the lawn and started to masturbating thinking he was doing the same. I also thought about, how exciting it would be, if he got busted by his wife discovering him the with the pants down and a hard dick in the hand lol


So we had great a time 

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kisses Anna.

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Breastmilk from a bricklayer milf

I few months ago when I was in my seventh months of pregnancy we had bricklayers build and repair walls inside and outside our house as well as working on other kinds of brickwork, such as putting new floor and a new stair. I was at home pregnant and a bit bored so I started to learn how to use a trowel, then how to spread mud. I did it for a while to get hang of it I learnt how to butter the bricks just by learning a whole bunch of new things lol.


So I put a bricklayer overol but without any cloths underneath he, he. It was Monday morning so my husband was at work and I came downstairs to help the bricklayers in their duties. I found myself so sexy and they found me so sexy too, I was helping them with the TOOLS but suddenly I felt my breast so full of milk and I needed to squirt it right now.
So I took my tits out of the overol and I pressed my nipples to squirt all the milk, the bricklayers were so impresed just to see me squirting they thought it was so funny seing all this milk coming off besides their dicks became so hard -rock and they started to jerk off in front of me with their big cocks ummmm Can you imagine the view? four men staring at me
I would like to lick all of their cocks but I prefered to make them cum while I was squirting my breast milk,  even one of them asked me to feed him with .
Remarkably, the immunological properties of breast milk benefit humans at any age and my husband tells me in many times to try “Mom’s milk” but this time I prefered them watching me as a voyeurs…. it was much much hotter. Eventually all these cocks cummed in front of me UAUUUU great show!!!
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Kisses Anna..

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squirting milk tits in the garden

squirting milk tits

Hello breast milk fans

Today some new pics before the week end, enjoy this squirting milk tits in the garden set og pics in the member section, those milky tits you love so much and you always ask me if its possible to taste my milk
Unfortunately it isn’t, because the milk will turn bad during the transport by the snail mail, even if I freeze it before I ship
I’m going to find a new video for you also, I think you like the lactating videos with my girlfriends ? I have a great one with pregnant Cecile where she is licking my tits, this little lactating slave slut always doing exactly what I tell her to do.

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Kisses Anna
have a great day

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Nine months pregnant anal play

Hi again friends,
as you well know, sexuality during pregnancy is often a taboo subject and even more alone!
Many pregnant women wonder if the vibrations of the vibrators present risks for the baby.
Almost all women need this pre-excitation period during which most of the games we love, to prepare to fully enjoy erotic feelings, you should be sure not to be interrupted, spied, distracted we need to be relaxed as much as we can, a single orgasm is twenty times more relaxing than the average tranquillizer  lol.
So I was alone at home one Sunday afternoon being a bit bored so I put some nice red lingerie and I began playing with myself.

I used my middle finger, moistened, to stimulate and rub on and around my clitoris. My other hand threw the lips backwards, maintaining a weak tension on the clitoral area. Alternate this fast clitoral rubbing rubbing slower input, the vagina actually, ‘rub’ is hardly the right word, because it is a very light until just before orgasm, when I am very wet touch at the same time my breast was squirting milk while I was pressing my nipples which made me feel so hot.

My legs were wide open, my knees raised I did not move my torso much until orgasm, when there were strong spasms in my torso and pelvis. I started caressing, then insert two fingers in my vagina and stimulate my clitoris with the palm of my hand with very rapid patting vaginal opening.
After having certain sexy thoughts while I am masturbating like thinking about my new next door neighbour lol, feels like my blood pressure increases, the beating of my heart instantly become faster and stronger.

Tickled my clit and within seconds my vagina became slippery. Then I rubbed my clitoris with my left index finger and I penetrate my ass in the middle of my right index finger and move in and out to the desired speed I do not move when there are strong spasms in my torso and pelvis, I used the biggest and softest dildo to penetrate my ass ummmm I am so wet I rub my clitoris at the same time up to get the great orgasm that let me so relaxed.
So I was so satisfied after a pleasurable afternoon.

Kisses Anna.

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lesbian lactating video

Today I have found  a lesbian lactating video for you guys, I know you are going to love this one with Nataly and my tits squirting a lot of milk on her slim body.

We were in the kitchen cooking bread for breakfast, when my tits started to run, the milk was just running down my belly and wetting all my clothes ! I had to take it off and take of the pressure before it started to hurt. Natyly loves breastmilk, and we both love making video and watch them together…and of course share them with you.
I started to squir milk all over her body and then I licked her clean, hummm that taste of  sweet breastmilk I well never forget it…I also squeeze my tits and make her taste my milk directly from the source into her mouth to honor the adult lactating fand




Anna lesbian lactating video

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Pregnant and my dildo

Todays video is from when i was eight months pregnant playing with my dildo as so often because I indeed WAS very horny lol…ok I’m still horny now I’ve gone back to my not preggo body, but not as horny as the last 2-3 months of my pregnancies lol

I was alone in my office with a fan on skype who was masturbating for me, wearing a long blue summer pregnant dress. That horny guy started to masturbate when he asked me to undress slowly to show him my big pregnant body. He really enjoyed guiding me I think.
When I was naked I turned around showed him my booty and big belly, the breasts with some drops of yellow milk comming out when I pressed the nipples. He old me he would give everything to taste , and that my husband was So lucky to be able to touch and lick :)
We continued to chat a little, he mostly wrote to me and I read while I let im guide me how to masturbate my clit….I was very wet and horny, I just wanted to cum and watch him jerk of for me on the cam. I took my green favourite dildo I often play with and penetrated my pussy to fuck me (now I was alone and my husband working)

Sure I recorded my afternoon with him thinking of you guys out there who love to watch me pregnant and jerk of, so here we go for 30 min of video to enjoy :)

Hummm I love these moments with my horny fans on skype………..later on I made a lot of milk play on cam also, a big hit for the lactation fans :)
And here is the free preview for you pregnant fans I know you are going to love the full 30 minuts dildo play with me :)


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Adult Lactating sex on a Saturday evening

Hi everyone! Anna once again to invite you to see me having adult lactating sex with some milk squirting on a Saturday evening at home with my husband after having my baby.

We spent the whole day shopping, we went to the city center and bought so many things cloths perfumes, cosmetics and why not? some adult toys dildos, erotic clothes .

Later on,we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant by the sea watching the boats …so we had a wonderful and funny day.

My husband had bought some seafood and a great wine for a special dinner which was made when we arrived home late that night. We drank a little more than usual and we spent a lovely time laughing and telling stories but wine took its effects because we turned on and went to the sofa to have a great time together with some sex.

As I was in my lactating period I had my breast full of milk and my husband finds it so horny when I squirt it above all on his cock, so we started touching and kissing each other very passionately then I gave him a blow job licking of the breast milk from his cock


A squirting breast milk blow job because I did squirt on his cock several times also on his mouth and then I licked it and sucked hard, then he began to fuck me. We were so hot and he turned me around because he loves seeing my ass while he is penetrating me, I was so excited riding him fast and deep and we cummed together while I was squirting milk into his mouth and he licked ans swallowed it.His dick became harder and bigger inside my pussy before we finally felt this nice peace and relax.vlcsnap-2015-07-09-10h27m14s93


Many kisses

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preggo dildoplay in the garden

preggo dildoplay in the garden


A set of pics is online today 5 months preggo dildoplay in the garden, enjoy one of my first pregnant sets:) there is no big big belly as on many of the other pics and videos, but a little round belly starting to point :) The moment where everybody is watching you and you see in their eyes that they are wondering lol but too polite to ask if I’m pregnant or just FAT ! lol
Sure I would answer…no I’m just FAT! what about you ? Wha’t your excuse ?
to make them feel like rude and curious lol


I have a threesome video I might have the time to post tomorrow, or some milk pics I think it has been a while now…………..and I had a flue for a week now, trying to get well fast

Kisses Anna

preggo dildoplay in the garden

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Lactation Roman bath

After my second baby my husband gave me a surprise just to destress a lovely week end in a great hotel in a beautiful island.

It has been one of my greatest presents, imagine not to cook, clean and do all kind of boring tasks just me in a wonderful room with a big balcony and beautiful view.
IMG_2659 - copie
But the best thing that this room has, was a Rome bath in the terrase and the possibility to being watched by voyeurs because as you know I love being observed by others.
So I got up very late in the morning and I got naked in the terrace getting ready to spend a lovely morning playing with me and my dildo.
I started to touch me and putting two fingers in my pussy to masturbate ummm… just thinking that a muscle man with his big dick came to penetrate me so I took my dildo and I started to play with it up and down and every time deeper and faster.
At the same time, my breast was full of milk and for me it is so horny to press my nipples and squirt them, so I squirted in the water and on my dildo and then sucking and licking it and put it inside my pussy up to cum.
What a good sensation!!! I love being alone playing with myself althout I reconize that having sex with others is very satisfying but sometimes alone is nicer and relaxed.


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Kisses Anna..

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