sexy 9 months preggo with my girlfriend

sexy 9 months preggo

Sexy and pregnant here on the outdoor pics with my girlfriend Nataly where I show you my big big belly , let her touch it amd we make some funny preggopics with her hands on my belly

Enjoy the pics in the membersextion here : Annas pregnant sex pics 

I uploaded those pics some day ago, but I have been very busy with the birthdays this week.
I think I’m almost done with the pregnant pics now, have a few set left, but still A LOT of hot sexy pregnant video and a lot of lactation pics and videos
Yesterday my little boy turned 2 🙂 Times flies away and today it’s my birthday, 2 yeasr ago I had the best birhday present ever 🙂

Kisses Anna

enjoy the sexy 9 months preggo pics

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preggo porn with Anna

Again some great preggo porn on my site for the preggo fans 🙂

This time I’m being fucked by my partners big and hard cock in my wet and horny preggo pussy, he loves to record in POV to show you how excactly it is to fuck me while I’m pregnant.
When  I’m sitting in cowgirl on him and  he watches my big and round belly he gets even harder and hornier, and he likes to record me to keep the memori of this moment of pregnancy forever, and also to share it with you and recieve your comments on how much you like his wife and wish to fuck me.

lactation tits on the old door

lactation tits

I’m spraying milk from my tits on an old door in this set of pictures for you today, lactation I’m sure you will love to see all that hot and sweet milk squirting from my breasts. Watch how far they can shoot. Would you like to sit down in front of me, open your mouth and recieve my tasty breastmilk
Enjoy this new set of almost 100 HQ lactation tits pictures in the galley in my membersection, come join me for a lot more milk fun

If you have any ideas of pics or videos you would like to see, then send me an email and explain to me
Tuesday the 12th of march my latina girlfrind Paty will come visit me and we are going to make another video like the christmas lesbian lactating video where she sucks the milk out of my tits and I spray it into her mouth. Ye her car in FINALY repaired, I know I said foir a month now that she will come back, but now it’s for sure 🙂
And Nataly the redhaired girl will be back in 2 months 🙂

Lactation Tits

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Squirting milk in my garden

One day a friend of mine who is a photographer came to visit me for a few days. He asked me if he could take some pictures of me in my garden for the magazine he works for, and I thought it was great to do it above all with a professional.

DSC_3473 - copie
So I got naked in the garden and I thought it was very funny to squirt some milk on the trees and plants even on my friend for fun.
My friend was enjoying a lot…and getting hot, he was so horny that he started to jerk off just in front of me. I was a bit suprised but to tell the truth I was delighted with the idea of being desire by someone. That day everybody squirted the MILK.
DSC_3445 - copie
Kisses Anna.

preggo dildoplay in the garden

preggo dildoplay in the garden


A set of pics is online today 5 months preggo dildoplay in the garden, enjoy one of my first pregnant sets:) there is no big big belly as on many of the other pics and videos, but a little round belly starting to point 🙂 The moment where everybody is watching you and you see in their eyes that they are wondering lol but too polite to ask if I’m pregnant or just FAT ! lol
Sure I would answer…no I’m just FAT! what about you ? Wha’t your excuse ?
to make them feel like rude and curious lol


I have a threesome video I might have the time to post tomorrow, or some milk pics I think it has been a while now…………..and I had a flue for a week now, trying to get well fast

Kisses Anna

preggo dildoplay in the garden

preggo amateur dildoplay

preggo amateur dildoplay

A new preggo amateur dildoplay video online for you today.  30 minuts HQ video where I’m dressed in a little short transparent sexy dress that let you see my big pregnant belly and my sexy body ass and breasts. It’s very short and I’m sure you would love me to take it off:)  That’s excactly what I’m going to do, a striptease to show you my big round belly and milky tits. Then I take my green favorite dildo nd start playing with it
Enjoy my 30 min natural HQ preggo video for you


And here is the free preview of my preggo amateur dildoplay  video

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Lactating milf squirting and sunbathing

My pregnancy has changed my life and my body in so many ways after my second baby was born I made a great effort to loose weight and you can see the results….not too bad, is it?.
I hadn´t got any time for anything, always children, shopping, housekeeping…I was neglecting my husband and my sexual life, I also knew about the stack of playboys he had under the bed which were graphic and hardcore, close-ups of oral, vaginal and anal penetration, orgy and girl on girl. All these things I liked too much and I had to recover my sexual life not only for me but also for him.
Therefore, once my husband was away on a business trip, I booked a room in my favourite hotel I left my children with some relatives and I went to this hotel to spent my special week end I brought all my husband magazines as well just in case I needed them.
Like a naughthy schoolgirl I curled up in bed with the porno, reading it by flashlight I started to squirt my breastmilk because I had it full and I hadn´t got my baby to feed and if I don´t do it my breast could ache terribly so I pressed my nipples and I began to feel so horny and I masturbated with two fingers inside my pussy which became so wet… at the same time I was watching two girls licking and sucking each other were entwined in passion on the porn magazine…I experienced a sudden climax and a shudder ran through my body as I moaned and panted in ectasy. I was also enjoying the great views from the hotel the day was warm and hot as I was…IMG_1470
I had a little nap but when I got up I had my breast aching it wasn´t normal so I called reception to call a nurse just to consult.
The nurse was a pretty young redhair in white cotton halter-top, short denim skirt and flip-flops, her long curly hair tied back in a black skull and crossbones bandanna, she was slender but well proportioned curves…pretty, isn´t she?.but she doesn´t really look a fetish nurse…lol
We looked each other and something told me that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. My breast should be relieve by taking all the milk out …and blushing I told her would you like to suck them?
She unbottomed the cotton halter-top and started to suck my nipples as a baby…oh my…was so relieving and hot I touched her all her body and in gratefulness I licked her clit up to make her cum so she did the same to me…
This was my great week end and on Monday I came back home so my husband did too, when he was in the shower I saw him jerking off so I got to the shower too and became to suck his dick harder than ever …he cummed on my face under the water…this was the begginning to recover our passion life…great isn´t it? if you don´t think so ask my husband

8 months pregnant at the hospital

8 months pregnant at the hospital

Here is a new and very soecial set of pics for you today pregnant fans.  I’m 8 months pregnant in my hospital bed….horny as always hihi.
Enjoy those unique and exclusive pics from 2 weeks before I gave bith
All my pics and videos on the site are REAL, it means, I’m an amateur housewife and I took those pics when I was in the hospital for some small complications with the pregnancy…dont worry everything turned out great, I was “released” the day after and my baby was born 2 weeks after the pics were taken.

When I say everything is REAL I mean….this hospital bed is not a studio, not a setup like on 99% of the pregnant sex sites you will find on the net…where the girls are paid by a HUGE webmaster who is running 1000 of sites and just pay a pregnant girl 300 dollars a day to shoot a max of content, she goes home, spent her 300 dollars and never  looks back
Thats NOT me…I made all my pics for fun in real situations and because I love my pics and videos and my site

I wanted to explain it to you because sometimes I recive an email asking me “are you real” or “are those pics real or is it a studio”

Sure EVERYTHING is real here with me 🙂

Ok now enjoy my 8 months pregnant at the hospital pics and leave me some comments…remember to tweet this post so some more pregnant fans will know me 🙂



8 months pregnant at the hospital AMATEUR PICS

Pregnant masturbation in the bath

Hi again my dearest followers, in this ocasion you are going to see me in my nine months of pregnancy having a foam  bath.

I was at home alone and a bit bored so I was thinking what to do while I was watching a TV program, It was a very hot summer day and I had such a huge belly sometimes it´s very uncomfortable and I feel heavy  What to do?….. Suddenly I decided …. “having a bath would be very nice idea” to refresh myself.


So I went to the bath and I undressed slowly as a ritual then I got into the water and I poured all the gel on my skin …looked like cum lol  then I shaved my pussy I hate having hair on it so I passed the razor once, twice…. and I began to feel a bit hot and hornier . How about playing with myself  and spend a great time?


I put my fingers inside my pussy then I took my dildo so I masturbated inside the water what is so exciting I love masturbation makes me feel so relaxed.  Do you remember me last time masturbating in the bath squirting breast milk video? or the other one in the shower?.

When  I finished cumming  and I felt so good and relaxed because I spent the rest of my day feeling lighter lol….
Enjoy all my personal pregnant and lactation videos joining my site