preggo dildoplay in the garden

preggo dildoplay in the garden


A set of pics is online today 5 months preggo dildoplay in the garden, enjoy one of my first pregnant sets:) there is no big big belly as on many of the other pics and videos, but a little round belly starting to point :) The moment where everybody is watching you and you see in their eyes that they are wondering lol but too polite to ask if I’m pregnant or just FAT ! lol
Sure I would answer…no I’m just FAT! what about you ? Wha’t your excuse ?
to make them feel like rude and curious lol


I have a threesome video I might have the time to post tomorrow, or some milk pics I think it has been a while now…………..and I had a flue for a week now, trying to get well fast

Kisses Anna

preggo dildoplay in the garden

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Lactation Roman bath

After my second baby my husband gave me a surprise just to destress a lovely week end in a great hotel in a beautiful island.

It has been one of my greatest presents, imagine not to cook, clean and do all kind of boring tasks just me in a wonderful room with a big balcony and beautiful view.
IMG_2659 - copie
But the best thing that this room has, was a Rome bath in the terrase and the possibility to being watched by voyeurs because as you know I love being observed by others.
So I got up very late in the morning and I got naked in the terrace getting ready to spend a lovely morning playing with me and my dildo.
I started to touch me and putting two fingers in my pussy to masturbate ummm… just thinking that a muscle man with his big dick came to penetrate me so I took my dildo and I started to play with it up and down and every time deeper and faster.
At the same time, my breast was full of milk and for me it is so horny to press my nipples and squirt them, so I squirted in the water and on my dildo and then sucking and licking it and put it inside my pussy up to cum.
What a good sensation!!! I love being alone playing with myself althout I reconize that having sex with others is very satisfying but sometimes alone is nicer and relaxed.


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Kisses Anna..

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Military milf squirting breast milk

Hello again, after having the baby one of my clients asked me to do a fetish video where I had to be dressed up as a military girl for him. I love to do it, above all if someone asks me for pleasure. I am always thinking that doing role plays or fetish is hilarious. In this video I masturbated and squirted some of my breast milk.
Afterwards when I finished it, I still had my breast full, full of milk and I needed to unload, I thought it was a great idea make some pics and share them with you. Do you feel like some fetish?
You know that I love it, I found it very hot so I feel very sexy and horny in another role being another character like nun, nurse, secretary…this time a soldier.
I like to create a nice atmosphere to make my videos so I chose a beautiful environment in a very nice mountain as well as a great landscape in other to give you the best way to live what I am enjoying so much.
Therefore, when I had my breast full as I told you before I decided to squirt it all over the plants and trees to let you see the white milk on the green background ummmm made me so horny touching and squeezing my nipples. Oh dear, I know what it is next….lol
So I started masturbating once again so I put two fingers inside my pussy and with the other hand pressing my nipples I began to play with myself and getting so much pleasure before I cum.


What a nice day doing those things that I love and do for fun!!!
Have you ever tried to masturbate outdoors? I adore it besides knowing that somebody can watch me doing it. Don´t you think like me that squirting milk is the hottest things that a woman can do?.


enjoy military milf squirting breast milk pics here

Kisses Anna

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oil masturbation with pregnant milf

Hi again dear followers, this is Anna I want to share with all of you a video I did specially for you when I was in my ninth month of my last pregnancy. I was at home relaxed having a cup of tea in my garden when suddenly I saw this neighbor was always watching me from behind the curtains. The situation turned me on a lot, so I went to my bedroom and I got naked little by little… first my violet dress, then my beautiful bra ummm I started to play with my pussy which got so wet in my thong so I took them of and began to masturbate up and down squirting my flow then I took my rose bud the one as a green diamond that I love so much :) I licked and warmed it to put it inside my ass and I did a little dancing to show you my perfect pregnant ass, lol.
Then I put some cream on my big tummy and oil for my pussy and I extended it with a massage….you always have to remember using a lot of anti strechmark cream and almond oil to avoid those ugly red strechmarks that will never go away, and it helped, I dont have any :)… I felt so sexy and horny so I took one of my banana dildo but first I put two fingers inside my dripping pussy however there isn´t anything better than my dildo so I changed to feel deeper.
While I was masturbating I felt my breast full of milk so I started to squeeze my nipples and some kind of strange milk came out it was thicker and darker than the breast milk it is called colostrum and this is the first milk mothers have to feed babies. Would you like to try it? it’s very sweet
Squirting colostrum made me even much hornier therefore I couldn´t stop masturbating up to cumming.

Do you Know this great sensation when you cum…? Well,this feeling is much pleasurable if you have this huge tummy but very very sexy, isn´t it?
Kisses Anna.


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Tit time with some breast milk

Hi again, I had just arrived home from work this time I was so exhausted and I was ready to have my delicious tea.
“Tea Time” in my garden in a spring day, I love this part of the day because is relaxing and means that I am at home from a hard day but not finish,  so I still have half day to do other things like going to gym meeting some friends for supper or having a romantic dinner with my husband and why not? later having some sex.

I prepared everything to have my tea when I realized that I haven´t got enough milk to put in my tea and I didn´t want to waste my time going to a shop  to buy some so i thought…..why don´t I use my own milk therefore my breast milk? yes… it would be very nice and delicious as the same time as funny
So I took my tits and with two fingers I squeezed my nipples to get the milk I needed for my tea I squirted once and twice….vlcsnap-2015-05-12-12h36m24s24
You know what? the taste is delicious and a little bit sweet… but there is something that always happen when I press my nipples to squirt breast milk….I get horny oh yeah! very horny and I was alone at home. What to do? maybe play with myself putting two fingers inside my pussy or maybe take my dildo and introduce it slowly inside my pussy or in the ass up to cumming. All the stress is gone and I got relax and happy.

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A glass of a breast milk please

After having a baby, a woman  feels very happy and plethoric and also sexy, hot and many times horny above all when we are lactating, not only when we are with our husband or partner but also when we are alone I usually when i do it ended masturbating me.IMG_9153

Most of the times, I feel much better having sex with my husband and as we are swinger couple with others but playing by myself is also very funny and is making love with the person I love the most lol

This time, I was  alone serenely at my living room  watching a tv program when I felt my breast full of milk so I had to squirt it.


I had to place all this breast milk in somewhere and the only thing I had was a glass of water …well It is a nice place to put it and It could be very funny to spend part of my time having diversion squirting.

Then I took out my first tit and pressed my nipples to squirt the milk and I dripped it in the glass ummm…  It was so pleasurable and as you know  you can use it to put in your coffee or tea but what i like more is to be sucking my nipples like a baby …would you like to be my baby so you can taste my breast milk.


I think is one of the funniest and hottest things that you can do when you are lactating and my husband loves licking me, milking me and sucking this turns him on and he is always trying to take the chance to do lol…Do you want to do it too? How do you image the taste of my milk? Does milking make you horny?

Kisses Anna

enjoy squirting breast milk in a glass preggo pics

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Pregnant masturbation in the bath

Hi again my dearest followers, in this ocasion you are going to see me in my nine months of pregnancy having a foam  bath.

I was at home alone and a bit bored so I was thinking what to do while I was watching a TV program, It was a very hot summer day and I had such a huge belly sometimes it´s very uncomfortable and I feel heavy  What to do?….. Suddenly I decided …. “having a bath would be very nice idea” to refresh myself.


So I went to the bath and I undressed slowly as a ritual then I got into the water and I poured all the gel on my skin …looked like cum lol  then I shaved my pussy I hate having hair on it so I passed the razor once, twice…. and I began to feel a bit hot and hornier . How about playing with myself  and spend a great time?


I put my fingers inside my pussy then I took my dildo so I masturbated inside the water what is so exciting I love masturbation makes me feel so relaxed.  Do you remember me last time masturbating in the bath squirting breast milk video? or the other one in the shower?.

When  I finished cumming  and I felt so good and relaxed because I spent the rest of my day feeling lighter lol….
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sexy 9 months preggo with my girlfriend

sexy 9 months preggo

Sexy and pregnant here on the outdoor pics with my girlfriend Nataly where I show you my big big belly , let her touch it amd we make some funny preggopics with her hands on my belly

Enjoy the pics in the membersextion here : Annas pregnant sex pics 

I uploaded those pics some day ago, but I have been very busy with the birthdays this week.
I think I’m almost done with the pregnant pics now, have a few set left, but still A LOT of hot sexy pregnant video and a lot of lactation pics and videos
Yesterday my little boy turned 2 :) Times flies away and today it’s my birthday, 2 yeasr ago I had the best birhday present ever :)

Kisses Anna

enjoy the sexy 9 months preggo pics

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Masturbation and breast milk in the bathtub

In this video you will see me in a hotel spending a couple of days off with my husband you know…no duties, no get up early, no responsabilities.
I had several hard weeks so we decided to rest in a beautiful hotel. The first day after having lunch I enjoyed a nice boobles bath…so relaxing and my tits became hard and full of milk so I began to squirt them pressing my nipples but I was getting so horny therefore I masturbated with my fingers first of all I put two fingers inside my vagina then I started to touch my clitoris up and down up to cum.
I love masturbating. Making love with the person that I love most lol.


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