8 months pregnant at the hospital

8 months pregnant at the hospital

Here is a new and very soecial set of pics for you today pregnant fans.  I’m 8 months pregnant in my hospital bed….horny as always hihi.
Enjoy those unique and exclusive pics from 2 weeks before I gave bith
All my pics and videos on the site are REAL, it means, I’m an amateur housewife and I took those pics when I was in the hospital for some small complications with the pregnancy…dont worry everything turned out great, I was “released” the day after and my baby was born 2 weeks after the pics were taken.

When I say everything is REAL I mean….this hospital bed is not a studio, not a setup like on 99% of the pregnant sex sites you will find on the net…where the girls are paid by a HUGE webmaster who is running 1000 of sites and just pay a pregnant girl 300 dollars a day to shoot a max of content, she goes home, spent her 300 dollars and never  looks back
Thats NOT me…I made all my pics for fun in real situations and because I love my pics and videos and my site

I wanted to explain it to you because sometimes I recive an email asking me “are you real” or “are those pics real or is it a studio”

Sure EVERYTHING is real here with me 🙂

Ok now enjoy my 8 months pregnant at the hospital pics and leave me some comments…remember to tweet this post so some more pregnant fans will know me 🙂



8 months pregnant at the hospital AMATEUR PICS

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