A glass of a breast milk please

After having a baby, a woman  feels very happy and plethoric and also sexy, hot and many times horny above all when we are lactating, not only when we are with our husband or partner but also when we are alone I usually when i do it ended masturbating me.IMG_9153

Most of the times, I feel much better having sex with my husband and as we are swinger couple with others but playing by myself is also very funny and is making love with the person I love the most lol

This time, I was  alone serenely at my living room  watching a tv program when I felt my breast full of milk so I had to squirt it.


I had to place all this breast milk in somewhere and the only thing I had was a glass of water …well It is a nice place to put it and It could be very funny to spend part of my time having diversion squirting.

Then I took out my first tit and pressed my nipples to squirt the milk and I dripped it in the glass ummm…  It was so pleasurable and as you know  you can use it to put in your coffee or tea but what i like more is to be sucking my nipples like a baby …would you like to be my baby so you can taste my breast milk.


I think is one of the funniest and hottest things that you can do when you are lactating and my husband loves licking me, milking me and sucking this turns him on and he is always trying to take the chance to do lol…Do you want to do it too? How do you image the taste of my milk? Does milking make you horny?

Kisses Anna

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3 thoughts to “A glass of a breast milk please”

  1. man you are hot Anna. yes I would love to taste your milk. maybe you could taste themilk from my big hard cock when I’m full of your milk?

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