Human cow porn

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Human cow porn

Here is the full set of pics “Human cow porn” you all loved when I showed you some of them on twitter and tumblr 🙂 Rememeber to follow me …and on google plus also, but it’s difficult to post some sexy stuff there, same for Pinterest, so it’s really soft
Painted as a classical black and white human cow in company with the cowparade, I’m squeezing my tits and make them squirt for you in the garden.
Milking a human cow is very fun and exciting, would you like to try ?
Imagine you press my nipples and the hot sweet breast milk is squiring out, you lay down and make it squirt into your mouth…..hummmm delicious and creamy milk you cant stop licking

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And if you didnt see it yet, you have to watch my Human cow porn video where my girlfriend Nataly painted me in black and white and made the lactation cow and her cowgirl here
I made a LOT of other videos with Nataly both pregnant lesbian scenes and also a lot of lactation this one is my favorite dont miss this sexy lesbian lactating fun where she is tasting my milk, we even invited a lactating slave and made him drink some milk

human and sexy cow

sexy cow dress



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milky lactation nipples

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Pregnant masturbation in the bath

Hi again my dearest followers, in this ocasion you are going to see me in my nine months of pregnancy having a foam  bath.

I was at home alone and a bit bored so I was thinking what to do while I was watching a TV program, It was a very hot summer day and I had such a huge belly sometimes it´s very uncomfortable and I feel heavy  What to do?….. Suddenly I decided …. “having a bath would be very nice idea” to refresh myself.


So I went to the bath and I undressed slowly as a ritual then I got into the water and I poured all the gel on my skin …looked like cum lol  then I shaved my pussy I hate having hair on it so I passed the razor once, twice…. and I began to feel a bit hot and hornier . How about playing with myself  and spend a great time?


I put my fingers inside my pussy then I took my dildo so I masturbated inside the water what is so exciting I love masturbation makes me feel so relaxed.  Do you remember me last time masturbating in the bath squirting breast milk video? or the other one in the shower?.

When  I finished cumming  and I felt so good and relaxed because I spent the rest of my day feeling lighter lol….
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Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf in yellow lingerie

Today I added a new video for my pregnant fans : Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf

A very hot summer day after my shower I put a nice yellow lingerie that my husband gave me as a present a few days ago for my ninth month pregnancy. I was about to give birth and surprisingly I was more horny than ever.
dildo fucking with a pregnant milf
I was in my room, sexy and hot thinking if  maybe my next door neighbour would be at home so he could watch me from his window behind the curtains, as he always does, knowing he loves jerking of thinking about me masturbating with my dildo or whatever…..

Just to think about it, made me so horny that I decided to play a little bit with myself therefore I got naked in front of my camera to record all for you so you can enjoy as much as I do from home, I took my dildo and started to play with it I did some titfucking that is very funny above all when you are pregnant that your boobs become bigger and bigger full of breast milk and later when I used my suction cup dildo I sucked, licked and fucked, uhmmm dildo fucking
big pregnant belly
I was sitting on my chair with my big belly and started to put it inside back and forth my dildo ummm …what a pleasure!! even I squirted a little bit of breast milk called calostrum  and a lot  from my pussy …I was so wet that I only could think about cum, cum and cum

What about you watching me? did you enjoy jerking of while I was masturbating? …yes I know you are as naughty as I am…lol

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Anna a dildo fucking pregnant MILF for you


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lactating milf masturbating and relaxing

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Today I’ll show you some pics of me as a lactating milf masturbating on the terrace, squirting some milk from my nipples and putting on some sunbream on my body
My pregnancy has changed my life and my body in so many ways after my second baby was born I made a great effort to loose weight and you can see the results….not too bad, is it?.
lactating milf masturbating

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Lactating milf squirting and sunbathing

My pregnancy has changed my life and my body in so many ways after my second baby was born I made a great effort to loose weight and you can see the results….not too bad, is it?.
I hadn´t got any time for anything, always children, shopping, housekeeping…I was neglecting my husband and my sexual life, I also knew about the stack of playboys he had under the bed which were graphic and hardcore, close-ups of oral, vaginal and anal penetration, orgy and girl on girl. All these things I liked too much and I had to recover my sexual life not only for me but also for him.
Therefore, once my husband was away on a business trip, I booked a room in my favourite hotel I left my children with some relatives and I went to this hotel to spent my special week end I brought all my husband magazines as well just in case I needed them.
Like a naughthy schoolgirl I curled up in bed with the porno, reading it by flashlight I started to squirt my breastmilk because I had it full and I hadn´t got my baby to feed and if I don´t do it my breast could ache terribly so I pressed my nipples and I began to feel so horny and I masturbated with two fingers inside my pussy which became so wet… at the same time I was watching two girls licking and sucking each other were entwined in passion on the porn magazine…I experienced a sudden climax and a shudder ran through my body as I moaned and panted in ectasy. I was also enjoying the great views from the hotel the day was warm and hot as I was…IMG_1470
I had a little nap but when I got up I had my breast aching it wasn´t normal so I called reception to call a nurse just to consult.
The nurse was a pretty young redhair in white cotton halter-top, short denim skirt and flip-flops, her long curly hair tied back in a black skull and crossbones bandanna, she was slender but well proportioned curves…pretty, isn´t she?.but she doesn´t really look a fetish nurse…lol
We looked each other and something told me that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. My breast should be relieve by taking all the milk out …and blushing I told her would you like to suck them?
She unbottomed the cotton halter-top and started to suck my nipples as a baby…oh my…was so relieving and hot I touched her all her body and in gratefulness I licked her clit up to make her cum so she did the same to me…
This was my great week end and on Monday I came back home so my husband did too, when he was in the shower I saw him jerking off so I got to the shower too and became to suck his dick harder than ever …he cummed on my face under the water…this was the begginning to recover our passion life…great isn´t it? if you don´t think so ask my husband

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Lesbians Hiking with milk squirt.

We were hiking a ravine just to do some exercise and enjoy this beautiful landscape.
When my friend Nataly cames to visit me we always love to make that kind of things, above all expecting to squirt breast milk on (more…)

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breast milk blowjob with a lactating MILF

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Once you and your baby are comfortable with breastfeeding, you may want to express milk so that someone else can feed your baby when you’re not there. This can be useful if you want to continue breastfeeding when you go back to work, or even if you just want to have a night out. You can express by hand or use a breast pump, get rid of the excess that his wife produced when breast feeding their child because, you know, pouring it down the sink like millions of normal people was just too abstract a concept. The next logical step was to dump it into a bottle of Jim Beam and drink up…. but other times… you want to breast feed an adult or just squirt milk to have fun this make  horny and hot and even my husband gets so hard when he see me squirting.

This happens once I was in my living room  after coming from my shopping day I wore this very beautiful transparent top with a short shirt …that suited me a  lot…I could see my nipples erected behind the top. I started to squizze my nipples and press them softly and all my breastmilk came out so I decided to squirt it on my glass table…oh my …I had too much milk inside I was getting hot and very hornier.

Meanwhile my husband had just arrived from work and he saw me squirting, he was delighted to see me so horny therefore he wanted to join me.

He approched to me hard and huge and touched my booty with his hands then he stroked my back and my tits and put his big cock on the milky table and I started to jerk off  and he pressed my head down so I could give him a relaxing blow job.

It was a delicious flavor to lick this breast milk mixes with other flavor like cum. Did you know that if you mix your favorite beverages with your favorite male sexual secretion, the new meaning is called “White Russian.”
Did  you also know there are a number of drinks featuring breast milk, which is equally awkward considering you can just go down the road to any place that sells non-human milk and put it in your drink so it doesn’t have to come out of a person….. but isn´t it hornier…??? yes, it is…Have you ever try it?
Watch the full version of my video here

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sucking my breast milk in adult lactating video

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A new video for the adult lactation fans today, you are really going to enjoy this one where I’m dressed as a secretary and squirt breast milk into my husbands mouth. I Let him taste all that nice sweet white milk coming out of my nipples and let him suck them to get the last drop out and dont waste it.
Would you also like to taste my sweet breastmilk ?


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Playful milf Squirting breastmilk

Never thought I’d get so lucky I found myself the horny pregnant woman day and night above all after giving birth.
I was not busy with other little children, I worked part-time at a travel agency, and I had many meetings during the week and I also had to go to another places so I slept in hotels very often. I was in a hotel in Madrid my husband came with me in this trip because he had also a work appointment.
He left that morning at 6:30 am, I was supposed to get up when he left. I fall back to sleep falling into a very horny dream where my husband was teasing me across the street.
I kept picturing my husband sucking my extra milk, and I could not believe how turned on that was making me feel. My thoughts went back to having my husband sucked on my tits and nursed me. I was getting wet thinking about that.

And yes. I put my free hand under my dress again and started to masturbate my pussy gently. I did not intend to cum. I loved the feeling as I thought about nursing my husband. I felt tingling in my tits too, in fact, my tits were coming alive with desire to be touched. I took my free hand out from under my dress and started to squirt my breast milk and I found my breasts almost to be as stimulating as my pussy, I started pinching my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit I wanted to have an orgasm because my mind was in an aroused state Then, I was imagining my husband licking my pussy after he had just milked my tits. I was coming close to cumming, but I slowed down.
My pussy which was so wet with milk, and also were my tits. I started masturbating again and again and I could not stop my orgasm that drained my sexual tension but I couldn´t stop I took both my wet hands and squeezed my tits another orgasm was peaking again. In that moment my husband arrived from his appointment and he found me lying on the hotel bed… he turned on inmediately seeing me in that state and he joined have a very great orgasm together cumming at the same time.


Anna lactating video


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Squirting breastmilk on my plants

There has been a lot of chatter about the magical benefits of milk in the garden. Milk will act like a fertilizer. As stated above any organic matter added to the garden will be decomposed by microbes into plant nutrients–they are all fertilizers. So what about breastmilk?


I don´t really know however I’m suppose to be good too. Every morning, on my lactating period I woke up and feeded my baby after that, I still had a lot of milk, so I went downstairs to my garden and started to squirt of the rest of my breastmilk on the plants. I did as well on porpose because I know I have a voyeur next door neighbour who spies me all the time

Months ago, I did the same rutine knowing that my neighbour was on holiday and his wife wasn´t at home. This day, I noticed a webcam pointing out his  straight at my house. It’s possible that he is  just storing it there, it makes me nervous to know they could be recording my house. I love him watching me but not recording all my movements……

I can only think of two reasons why he´d want to  watch everything I do. That side of the house has the driveway, so they could be trying to record when I leave. The neighbors have reported that he’ll often look at my house when he´s outside. Thankfully these neighbors are retired and keep an eye out, so if  something happened to my house while I was away they’d know pretty fast.

Dripping and squrting breastmilk below my pergola


The other reason could be,fact that I squirt breastmilk on my plants simply makes him very horny.

He always keeps those blinds closed but I know he is on the other side spying me. I think it might be a curious guy trying to jerk off while I am watering my plants.

Lactation at my hotel room

As you know, I get so horny when I have a voyeur watching me so this day I got so hot when I could see him behind the blinds moving his dick up and down so I lied down on the lawn and started to masturbating thinking he was doing the same. I also thought about, how exciting it would be, if he got busted by his wife discovering him the with the pants down and a hard dick in the hand lol


So we had great a time 

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kisses Anna.

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