Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf in yellow lingerie

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Today I added a new video for my pregnant fans : Dildo fucking with a pregnant milf

A very hot summer day after my shower I put a nice yellow lingerie that my husband gave me as a present a few days ago for my ninth month pregnancy. I was about to give birth and surprisingly I was more horny than ever.
dildo fucking with a pregnant milf
I was in my room, sexy and hot thinking if  maybe my next door neighbour would be at home so he could watch me from his window behind the curtains, as he always does, knowing he loves jerking of thinking about me masturbating with my dildo or whatever…..

Just to think about it, made me so horny that I decided to play a little bit with myself therefore I got naked in front of my camera to record all for you so you can enjoy as much as I do from home, I took my dildo and started to play with it I did some titfucking that is very funny above all when you are pregnant that your boobs become bigger and bigger full of breast milk and later when I used my suction cup dildo I sucked, licked and fucked, uhmmm dildo fucking
big pregnant belly
I was sitting on my chair with my big belly and started to put it inside back and forth my dildo ummm …what a pleasure!! even I squirted a little bit of breast milk called calostrum  and a lot  from my pussy …I was so wet that I only could think about cum, cum and cum

What about you watching me? did you enjoy jerking of while I was masturbating? …yes I know you are as naughty as I am…lol

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Anna a dildo fucking pregnant MILF for you


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Nine months pregnant anal play

Hi again friends,
as you well know, sexuality during pregnancy is often a taboo subject and even more alone!
Many pregnant women wonder if the vibrations of the vibrators present risks for the baby.
Almost all women need this pre-excitation period during which most of the games we love, to prepare to fully enjoy erotic feelings, you should be sure not to be interrupted, spied, distracted we need to be relaxed as much as we can, a single orgasm is twenty times more relaxing than the average tranquillizer  lol.
So I was alone at home one Sunday afternoon being a bit bored so I put some nice red lingerie and I began playing with myself.

I used my middle finger, moistened, to stimulate and rub on and around my clitoris. My other hand threw the lips backwards, maintaining a weak tension on the clitoral area. Alternate this fast clitoral rubbing rubbing slower input, the vagina actually, ‘rub’ is hardly the right word, because it is a very light until just before orgasm, when I am very wet touch at the same time my breast was squirting milk while I was pressing my nipples which made me feel so hot.

My legs were wide open, my knees raised I did not move my torso much until orgasm, when there were strong spasms in my torso and pelvis. I started caressing, then insert two fingers in my vagina and stimulate my clitoris with the palm of my hand with very rapid patting vaginal opening.
After having certain sexy thoughts while I am masturbating like thinking about my new next door neighbour lol, feels like my blood pressure increases, the beating of my heart instantly become faster and stronger.

Tickled my clit and within seconds my vagina became slippery. Then I rubbed my clitoris with my left index finger and I penetrate my ass in the middle of my right index finger and move in and out to the desired speed I do not move when there are strong spasms in my torso and pelvis, I used the biggest and softest dildo to penetrate my ass ummmm I am so wet I rub my clitoris at the same time up to get the great orgasm that let me so relaxed.
So I was so satisfied after a pleasurable afternoon.

Kisses Anna.

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oil masturbation with pregnant milf

Hi again dear followers, this is Anna I want to share with all of you a video I did specially for you when I was in my ninth month of my last pregnancy. I was at home relaxed having a cup of tea in my garden when suddenly I saw this neighbor was always watching me from behind the curtains. The situation turned me on a lot, so I went to my bedroom and I got naked little by little… first my violet dress, then my beautiful bra ummm I started to play with my pussy which got so wet in my thong so I took them of and began to masturbate up and down squirting my flow then I took my rose bud the one as a green diamond that I love so much 🙂 I licked and warmed it to put it inside my ass and I did a little dancing to show you my perfect pregnant ass, lol.
Then I put some cream on my big tummy and oil for my pussy and I extended it with a massage….you always have to remember using a lot of anti strechmark cream and almond oil to avoid those ugly red strechmarks that will never go away, and it helped, I dont have any :)… I felt so sexy and horny so I took one of my banana dildo but first I put two fingers inside my dripping pussy however there isn´t anything better than my dildo so I changed to feel deeper.
While I was masturbating I felt my breast full of milk so I started to squeeze my nipples and some kind of strange milk came out it was thicker and darker than the breast milk it is called colostrum and this is the first milk mothers have to feed babies. Would you like to try it? it’s very sweet
Squirting colostrum made me even much hornier therefore I couldn´t stop masturbating up to cumming.

Do you Know this great sensation when you cum…? Well,this feeling is much pleasurable if you have this huge tummy but very very sexy, isn´t it?
Kisses Anna.


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Pregnant milf playing and peeing

Today video is a 25 min HD video from when I was pregnant, playing and peeing on my terrace…for a fan on skypecam, you will see me write with him from time to other.
He loved my big round pregnant belly and he also got horny watching a pussy pee…it’s not a problem when one is pregnant especially the last 2-3 months there isn’t much space left for the bladder to be filled up.

But I’m going to tell you why I was so excited the day (more…)

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Playful milf Squirting breastmilk

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Never thought I’d get so lucky I found myself the horny pregnant woman day and night above all after giving birth.
I was not busy with other little children, I worked part-time at a travel agency, and I had many meetings during the week and I also had to go to another places so I slept in hotels very often. I was in a hotel in Madrid my husband came with me in this trip because he had also a work appointment.
He left that morning at 6:30 am, I was supposed to get up when he left. I fall back to sleep falling into a very horny dream where my husband was teasing me across the street.
I kept picturing my husband sucking my extra milk, and I could not believe how turned on that was making me feel. My thoughts went back to having my husband sucked on my tits and nursed me. I was getting wet thinking about that.

And yes. I put my free hand under my dress again and started to masturbate my pussy gently. I did not intend to cum. I loved the feeling as I thought about nursing my husband. I felt tingling in my tits too, in fact, my tits were coming alive with desire to be touched. I took my free hand out from under my dress and started to squirt my breast milk and I found my breasts almost to be as stimulating as my pussy, I started pinching my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit I wanted to have an orgasm because my mind was in an aroused state Then, I was imagining my husband licking my pussy after he had just milked my tits. I was coming close to cumming, but I slowed down.
My pussy which was so wet with milk, and also were my tits. I started masturbating again and again and I could not stop my orgasm that drained my sexual tension but I couldn´t stop I took both my wet hands and squeezed my tits another orgasm was peaking again. In that moment my husband arrived from his appointment and he found me lying on the hotel bed… he turned on inmediately seeing me in that state and he joined have a very great orgasm together cumming at the same time.


Anna lactating video


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Breastmilk from a bricklayer milf

I few months ago when I was in my seventh months of pregnancy we had bricklayers build and repair walls inside and outside our house as well as working on other kinds of brickwork, such as putting new floor and a new stair. I was at home pregnant and a bit bored so I started to learn how to use a trowel, then how to spread mud. I did it for a while to get hang of it I learnt how to butter the bricks just by learning a whole bunch of new things lol.


So I put a bricklayer overol but without any cloths underneath he, he. It was Monday morning so my husband was at work and I came downstairs to help the bricklayers in their duties. I found myself so sexy and they found me so sexy too, I was helping them with the TOOLS but suddenly I felt my breast so full of milk and I needed to squirt it right now.
So I took my tits out of the overol and I pressed my nipples to squirt all the milk, the bricklayers were so impresed just to see me squirting they thought it was so funny seing all this milk coming off besides their dicks became so hard -rock and they started to jerk off in front of me with their big cocks ummmm Can you imagine the view? four men staring at me
I would like to lick all of their cocks but I prefered to make them cum while I was squirting my breast milk,  even one of them asked me to feed him with .
Remarkably, the immunological properties of breast milk benefit humans at any age and my husband tells me in many times to try “Mom’s milk” but this time I prefered them watching me as a voyeurs…. it was much much hotter. Eventually all these cocks cummed in front of me UAUUUU great show!!!
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Kisses Anna..

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Lactation Roman bath

After my second baby my husband gave me a surprise just to destress a lovely week end in a great hotel in a beautiful island.

It has been one of my greatest presents, imagine not to cook, clean and do all kind of boring tasks just me in a wonderful room with a big balcony and beautiful view.
IMG_2659 - copie
But the best thing that this room has, was a Rome bath in the terrase and the possibility to being watched by voyeurs because as you know I love being observed by others.
So I got up very late in the morning and I got naked in the terrace getting ready to spend a lovely morning playing with me and my dildo.
I started to touch me and putting two fingers in my pussy to masturbate ummm… just thinking that a muscle man with his big dick came to penetrate me so I took my dildo and I started to play with it up and down and every time deeper and faster.
At the same time, my breast was full of milk and for me it is so horny to press my nipples and squirt them, so I squirted in the water and on my dildo and then sucking and licking it and put it inside my pussy up to cum.
What a good sensation!!! I love being alone playing with myself althout I reconize that having sex with others is very satisfying but sometimes alone is nicer and relaxed.


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Kisses Anna..

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Masturbation and breast milk in the bathtub

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In this video you will see me in a hotel spending a couple of days off with my husband you know…no duties, no get up early, no responsabilities.
I had several hard weeks so we decided to rest in a beautiful hotel. The first day after having lunch I enjoyed a nice boobles bath…so relaxing and my tits became hard and full of milk so I began to squirt them pressing my nipples but I was getting so horny therefore I masturbated with my fingers first of all I put two fingers inside my vagina then I started to touch my clitoris up and down up to cum.
I love masturbating. Making love with the person that I love most lol.


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