lesbian lactating video

Today I have found  a lesbian lactating video for you guys, I know you are going to love this one with Nataly and my tits squirting a lot of milk on her slim body.

We were in the kitchen cooking bread for breakfast, when my tits started to run, the milk was just running down my belly and wetting all my clothes ! I had to take it off and take of the pressure before it started to hurt. Natyly loves breastmilk, and we both love making video and watch them together…and of course share them with you.
I started to squir milk all over her body and then I licked her clean, hummm that taste of  sweet breastmilk I well never forget it…I also squeeze my tits and make her taste my milk directly from the source into her mouth to honor the adult lactating fand




Anna lesbian lactating video

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Anna an amateur MILF writing here. Pregnant and lactation fans you found your paradise here on my site, I share all my personal videos and sex pics made during my pregnancies and lactation period, have fun and enjoy :) kises Anna

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