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Never thought I’d get so lucky I found myself the horny pregnant woman day and night above all after giving birth.
I was not busy with other little children, I worked part-time at a travel agency, and I had many meetings during the week and I also had to go to another places so I slept in hotels very often. I was in a hotel in Madrid my husband came with me in this trip because he had also a work appointment.
He left that morning at 6:30 am, I was supposed to get up when he left. I fall back to sleep falling into a very horny dream where my husband was teasing me across the street.
I kept picturing my husband sucking my extra milk, and I could not believe how turned on that was making me feel. My thoughts went back to having my husband sucked on my tits and nursed me. I was getting wet thinking about that.

And yes. I put my free hand under my dress again and started to masturbate my pussy gently. I did not intend to cum. I loved the feeling as I thought about nursing my husband. I felt tingling in my tits too, in fact, my tits were coming alive with desire to be touched. I took my free hand out from under my dress and started to squirt my breast milk and I found my breasts almost to be as stimulating as my pussy, I started pinching my tits with one hand and rubbing my clit I wanted to have an orgasm because my mind was in an aroused state Then, I was imagining my husband licking my pussy after he had just milked my tits. I was coming close to cumming, but I slowed down.
My pussy which was so wet with milk, and also were my tits. I started masturbating again and again and I could not stop my orgasm that drained my sexual tension but I couldn´t stop I took both my wet hands and squeezed my tits another orgasm was peaking again. In that moment my husband arrived from his appointment and he found me lying on the hotel bed… he turned on inmediately seeing me in that state and he joined have a very great orgasm together cumming at the same time.


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