Squirting breastmilk in the ravine

Threee months ago, I had a wonderful day of hiking in the ravine with my lesbian friend Nataly who came from Amsterdam to visit me for a couple of days. We went to  a very known  ravine in a beautiful landscape, a  large network of hiking trails are avalaible, as you know lesbians love out doors too much we could have a lot more privacy and could be more intimate outdoors and faraway without getting seen by many people who would judge us. I am not a proper lesbian but a swinger that love having all kind of experiences one of them is having sex with my lesbians friends and my husband like a lot to watch us.
Seriously, every gay woman is individual and none of us are one-dimensional. What one woman enjoys another will hate but with Nataly there wasn´t any problem with it.

Squirting breastmilk

This day we were completely naked descending the ravine just wearing our backpacks on our backs I was in my lactating period and I was my breast full of milk, I told Nataly that I had to drain my breast and she said that It was so horny and sexy if I squirted my breast milk on her face so she could drink from  me however she wanted to take some pictures of me squirting breastmilk to keep ,because we found a place where the surface of the slope was in amazing colours  that contrast with my white skin and she thought it was so beautiful.

lesbian breastmilk

So I laid down on the floor and begun to press my nipples softly then milking and all my milk came up like a font, it was so funny and enjoyable Nataly was so hot that she wasn´t  even able to hold the camera in her hands and I didn´t stop squirting even  my glasses were with milk drops ummm Nataly was hornier and hornier so she started masturbating using two fingers on her clit and then she put her two fingers inside her pussy …she was so wet she started to suck my nipples as my  baby does…ohmygosh…was so relieving I licked her clit up to make her cum so she did the same to me and we had a great time together then.

MILF squirting breasts

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Kisses Anna.


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