Squirting breastmilk on my plants

There has been a lot of chatter about the magical benefits of milk in the garden. Milk will act like a fertilizer. As stated above any organic matter added to the garden will be decomposed by microbes into plant nutrients–they are all fertilizers. So what about breastmilk?


I don´t really know however I’m suppose to be good too. Every morning, on my lactating period I woke up and feeded my baby after that, I still had a lot of milk, so I went downstairs to my garden and started to squirt of the rest of my breastmilk on the plants. I did as well on porpose because I know I have a voyeur next door neighbour who spies me all the time

Months ago, I did the same rutine knowing that my neighbour was on holiday and his wife wasn´t at home. This day, I noticed a webcam pointing out his  straight at my house. It’s possible that he is  just storing it there, it makes me nervous to know they could be recording my house. I love him watching me but not recording all my movements……

I can only think of two reasons why he´d want to  watch everything I do. That side of the house has the driveway, so they could be trying to record when I leave. The neighbors have reported that he’ll often look at my house when he´s outside. Thankfully these neighbors are retired and keep an eye out, so if  something happened to my house while I was away they’d know pretty fast.

Dripping and squrting breastmilk below my pergola


The other reason could be,fact that I squirt breastmilk on my plants simply makes him very horny.

He always keeps those blinds closed but I know he is on the other side spying me. I think it might be a curious guy trying to jerk off while I am watering my plants.

Lactation at my hotel room

As you know, I get so horny when I have a voyeur watching me so this day I got so hot when I could see him behind the blinds moving his dick up and down so I lied down on the lawn and started to masturbating thinking he was doing the same. I also thought about, how exciting it would be, if he got busted by his wife discovering him the with the pants down and a hard dick in the hand lol


So we had great a time 

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kisses Anna.

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One thought to “Squirting breastmilk on my plants”

  1. I have tried not to cut anything out cepoletmly, but I’ve definitely limited intake of onions, peppers, garlic, cabbage, broccoli (gassy), dairy, & caffeine. I still drink soda and eat chocolate but I try not to overdo it Also, just a tip to moms watch when you try anything new. My ped recommended fenugreek to me to help with limited milk supply I ended up with a huge allergic reaction, so just be cautious if you are trying new teas, foods, or herbal supplements that you haven’t had before.

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