Lactating cow and her cowgirl

hello milky fans

I present you : Lactating cow and her cowgirl

Here I am again with some more special video, I have a lot of fantasy and a lot of video scenarios planned but this time my girlfriend Nataly painted me as a cow  – a real classic cow whie cow with black spots. She dressed as a cowgirl and started milking me, uhmmm it felt so great…a special must have lactating sex video 🙂

Here is the trailer……you will find the full collection and all my private milking HD videos HERE

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lesbian lactating sex

Hello everybody have a nice week end 🙂
I’m preparing a lesbian lactating sex video where I’m playing with my girlfreind Nataly, squirting my breastmilk all over her body and ass and then I lick her clean again…take a look in the videosection tomorrow 🙂


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