Amateur lactating in the garden

I know you LOVE amateur lactating, so today I have posted some new pics with my delicious mommy breat milk for my fans here 🙂
In a very hot summer day, I was in my garden sunbathing during lactating when I needed to squeeze my tits because they were full of milk and when this happen they hurt… and besides why couldn´t I

use it for my coffee?. I squeezed my nipples and the how sweet mommy milk started to drip and run down my body….I gave my breasts and nipples a massage to make the milk stream start, squeezed again and they squirted right into my cup of coffee, I love the sound of breastmilk, remember the video I made for you in the backyard where I let you listen to that great sound, if not, watch the video here : Sound of squirting breast milk …exactly as when they milk a cow in the movies…yes I’m kind a cow…human cow. I prooved it to you in the pics withf my girlfriend Nataly, remember those : Human cow lactating
lactating tits
Then, I realized that my next door neighbor was watching me he usually does, that turned me on so I invited him to masturbate with me I spread oil on all my body because I know he likes a lot…
Would you like to be my neighbor ? and maybe be lucky to watch some Amateur lactating in the garden ?…if I tell you he house on the other side of the road is for sale 🙂


What would you like to happen next? do you have any suggestions ?
I still have a lot of milk pics and videos, and also pregnant videos left…. leave me a comment on the pics here and tell me what you prefer 🙂

Anna preggomilky

Anna an amateur MILF writing here. Pregnant and lactation fans you found your paradise here on my site, I share all my personal videos and sex pics made during my pregnancies and lactation period, have fun and enjoy :) kises Anna

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