Last update: August 24 2017.

Technical specifications ?

The video content in the membersection is encoded in HQ 1280x980 MP4 H264 and can be viewed on PC, MAC Iphone, Ipad.
Tested on navigators : Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Video player : VLC, which can be downloaded here

The pictures are resolution : from 1280px*960px to 2250px*1500px JPEG

The amount of videos and pictures in the membersection is showed in the header of the indexpage here
There is a free preview of the updates on the blog here on Twitter here and Tumblr here

Do not subscribe to the membersection if you cant watch the videoformat and jpeg pics on your device, or if there is not enough content for you or if you dont like the free content on the blog or for any other reason

Refund Policy

You buy a virtual service which can not be refunded, please ensure that your device is compatible with the technical specifications before you subscribe
If you subscribed a recurring membership and dont like the site you can easily cancel your membership at SEGPAY here og CCBIL here and you will not be renewed
Remember to cancel 48 hours before your membership is planned to be rebilled.


You may contact us using the information below

methods for resolving disputes: email

A-D-K dessin, c-/a-y-o-s-s-e v-8, S-C, Spaine
[email protected]


We can help you with the following:

  • Provide detailed information related to the status of your membership.
  • Confirm details of a transaction when the description in your statement does not match the name of a product you recently purchased.
  • Provide you with professional advice in the event you have been a victim of fraud.
  • Provide solutions to any technical issues you may have encountered.